Viktoria De Ann Peptide Mask at Kissed Peach Wax Saloon – Waukee Iowa

We appreciate your business. So that we can best serve all our clients, please be advised of these policies before you book an appointment at Kissed Peach.

ARRIVAL TIME: Please aim to arrive 5 minutes before your scheduled appointment time. If you arrive after your scheduled appointment time, it may not be possible to extend the time available for your booked service; if your service is shortened due to your late arrival or not able to perform the service, you will still be charged a fee equivalent to 90% of the missed service price. If you are excessively late without prior communication and your service is canceled you will be charged as a no-call/no-show and will be charged a fee equivalent to 90% of the missed service price on the card on your account.

CHANGING YOUR APPOINTMENT: Cancellation requires no less than 24 hours to an appointment and 8 hours is the minimum time allowed to reschedule via Vagaro, except in cases of contagious illness (such as COVID-19, influenza, etc.) and emergencies as described below. If you cancel later than the 24-hour minimum time frame for any reason outside of an emergency or sickness as described below you will be charged a fee equivalent to 90% of the missed service price to the card on your account. If you reschedule later than the 8-hour minimum for anything other than sickness or emergency as described below you will be charged a fee equivalent to 90% of the missed service price to the card on the account.

CANCELLATION OR RESCHEDULE WITHIN THE 8-HOUR TIME FRAME: We, here at Kissed Peach, give a generous 8-hour time frame that you are able to reschedule your appointment without further payment or penalty from our business. If you do not communicate with us until the 8-hour time frame (i.e. show up and do not want a service we had you down for, cancel or reschedule after the 8 hours, etc.) you are subject to a fee. Would you expect to go to work and get paid less than what you were expecting because you had less to do that day?? NO! We love our employees and if you do that you are hurting our business, employees who want to be home with their families, and ultimately others that want to get in in the spot you could have communicated you did not want earlier. So, a 50% fee will be charged for services rescheduled or canceled after the 8-hour mark.

SICKNESS OR FAMILY EMERGENCY: If you, or another person in your household, has an infectious or contagious illness, please contact Kissed Peach as soon as possible to reschedule your appointment for a later date. There is no penalty or timeframe required in this case, for your safety and that of other clients. Things happen, we get it, but please try to communicate as early as possible with us to the best of your ability. As soon as you realize you will need to cancel please message Kissed Peach out of respect to our time, the business, your provider, and others’ ability to receive our services.

NO CALL NO SHOW: If you do not show up for your scheduled appointment time and have not communicated with Kissed Peach your absence PRIOR to your service you will be charged a fee equivalent to 90% of the missed service(s) price and that will be charged to the card on the account the appointment was made with. No refunds or service credit is available for that transaction soooo… PLEASE DO NOT DO THAT!! This is a SMALL business, just like a doctor’s office or other by-appointment services. This hurts us.

CONDUCT: Please treat all of our staff members with respect. If at any time our staff feels that you are behaving inappropriately you will be asked to leave and will be financially responsible for services rendered. We reserve the the right to refuse service at any time for any reason.

PRIVACY: At Kissed Peach, we collect health and personal information so we can customize treatments to your individual needs and make sure we know if you have any allergies or medical issues. All your information remains confidential. Please also notify Kissed Peach in the event you start using new products or of any medical changes prior to services.

PAYMENT: Full payment is due at the time of service.

PRICES SUBJECT TO CHANGE: We are always working to expand our services and bring you the best of the best treatments and products. We do all we can to keep our prices updated online but they are subject to change at any time.

REACTION TO TREATMENTS: An allergic reaction can occur with any of our treatments. Kissed Peach cannot be held liable for any adverse reactions that may stem from any of our treatments.

LASTLY, THANK YOU! As all or most of you know, this small business we love is how we feed our families and be able to bring beauty and joy to our clients and the community therefore our time here and time at our homes are precious to our families and ourselves. Making, maintaining, and monitoring your appointment time is completely the clients’ (YOUR) responsibility. We absolutely recommend downloading the Vagaro app for Apple and Android users to help easily make/change/cancel appointments right from your phone. This managing of appointments can be done by you, the client, 24/7 without waiting to hear from us on the business phone (which is only answered during business hours). We strive to be as responsive as possible on the work phone during business hours but ultimately if you are trying to avoid a late fee, a no-call no-show, etc. you can manage your appointment within the 8-hour time frame on the app without waiting for a response from us. Also, we encourage, if life is crazy, to enable the text and email reminders that are a pretty great part of Vagaro. If the card does not go through for any attendance policy fees accrued by the client, they will not be able to make an appointment with Vagaro and will have to email directly to do so or you will be dismissed from our client base. When making the appointment the client automatically accepts this agreement.